Our success story with

Edwards 1902

Edwards 1902, a multi award winning
company, was established in 2018 and is
located in Elsham Wold Distillery. Edwards
produce different spirits, each hand filled,
such as coffee liqueur and potato vodka.

Edwards 1902 approached us to find the perfect spirit
bottle for their newly launched coffee liqueur. Using
our exclusive network of suppliers, we sourced a new
bottle that suited their needs for the new liqueur. This
beautiful, distinctive bottle displays the coffee liqueur
exactly how it was meant to be and allowed for a fill
capacity of 50cl which was provided within the brief.

On completion of this project, Edwards 1902 had a
luxurious bottle that matches the elegance of the
product.The coffee Liqueur has gone on to win multiple
awards within a short space of time since its release.


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