Case Studies

Learn more about our work, and how we supply to award-winning businesses that supply to some of the largest retailers in the country.

BrewDog - Duo Rum

Inspired by antique rum glass, the Duo Rum bottle features a distinctive shape and standard cork closure. With the expertise of Launch Packaging Design and United Creatives, we helped transformed their production ready 2D & 3D drawings into a remarkable glass bottle, meticulously manufactured to perfection.

Hawkshead Relish Company LTD

Hawkshead Relish released their successful Christmas range in the elegant Oskar Jars.

BrewDog - Lone Wolf Gin

Collaborating with Launch Packaging Design and United Creatives, we skilfully translated their comprehensive 2D and 3D blueprints into an exquisite glass bottle, exemplifying meticulous craftsmanship.

Drivers Pickles

Our partnership with Drivers led to the crafting of the Half Gallon Pickle Jar, Hexagonal Jar 380ml and 580ml. These bespoke glass jars not only safeguard their pickled treasures but also contribute to the overall experience of enjoying these delights.

BrewDog - Abstrakt

Our collaboration with BrewDog draws inspiration from contemporary aesthetics, influenced by the realm of abstract art. The Abstrakt bottle showcases a sleek, straight-sided panel that offers an optimal canvas for labelling.

Sauce Shop

Using our extensive supplier network, we were able to supply a range of glass jars and bottles, all manufactured in the UK. Sauce Shop use the 250ml Round Sauce Bottle, 150ml Worcester Sauce Bottle and the 10oz & 16oz Pickle Jars.


A visually stunning 500ml amber beer bottle that is perfectly aligned to the McGargles brand.


We found the most suited bottle for Borderfields rapeseed oils – our 250ml and 500ml Marasca bottle – which allow perfect presentation of the product.

Edwards 1902: Spirit Bottle

Edwards 1902, a multi-award winning company, uses the 50cl liqueur bottle, a beautiful bottle which perfectly displays the beverage product.