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BrewDog - Duo Rum

Experience the extraordinary journey of the Duo Rum Bottle, a captivating blend that harmonizes the essence of Scotland and the Caribbean. Born in Scotland, blended in the Caribbean, this exceptional rum disrupts the market with its innovative approach. In collaboration with BrewDog Distilling Co., Pattesons helped craft a bespoke glass bottle that embodies vibrancy, contemporaneity, and unmistakable distinction.

Inspired by antique rum glass, the Duo Rum bottle features a distinctive shape and standard cork closure. With the expertise of Launch Packaging Design and United Creatives, we helped transformed their production ready 2D & 3D drawings into a remarkable glass bottle, meticulously manufactured to perfection. The contemporary touch comes alive through a mesmerising psychedelic wave pattern embossing. This striking design symbolises the ocean waves and the harmonious blending of ingredients that culminate in this one-of-a-kind rum bottle.

Adorned with vibrant contrasting colours and a torn die-cut edge running down the centre, the Duo Rum bottles beautifully represent the duality of Scottish and Caribbean ingredients.

Duo Rum Bottle details:

  • Bespoke Mould
  • Bottle Size: 700ml
  • Cork Size: 22.5mm
  • Colour: Cosmetic Flint
  • BrewDog branding Embossed onto the Neck and base



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