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The Borderfields story began in Northumberland
in 2005, when local farmers came together to
create the production of a range of high quality,
tasty products including their cold pressed
rapeseed oils. In 2009, the production facility
was moved to Nottinghamshire where the
infrastructure to support the growing brand and
sector was developed.

Due to wanting to produce a high quality rapeseed oil,
Borderfields needed both a stylish looking bottle, but
also the practical functionality for their product. Finding
the most suited bottle for Borderfields led us to looking
at our Marasca range because of the different sizes
available as well as the overall aesthetics of the bottle.
Borderfields felt the 250ml and 500ml Marasca bottles
allowed them to present their product as intended.

The end result is a stylish, high-end packaging which
attracts customers due to not only the delicious product
inside, but also the luxury, premium bottle which it
comes in.


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